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Welcome to, a site devoted to user-centered design and construction of UI (user interface) with a special emphasis on OOUI (object-oriented user interface).

The goal of this site is to provide user interface professionals with a resource to aid in building useful, useable systems.

This goal is pursued through six inter-related topic areas. The first four build on the previous topics' content:

  • Describing the User
    Explores the content of user context, domain, and task descriptions and presentation requirements. The abstract description of UI design in support of a UI design pattern language is also discussed.
  • UI Methods & Architecture
    HCI (human-computer interaction) methods, approaches to usability assessment, the role of architecture in HCI, and the role of HCI in software engineering. New Content in Methods!
  • UI Patterns
    A catalog of presentation, user task, and navigation design patterns. Coming soon!
  • UI Style
    A generic UI style guide and discussion of style guide customization. Coming soon!

The other two topic areas provide background material relevant to's discussions.

  • Workshops & Resources
    Lists of workshops, related web sites, and HCI and object-technology books.
  • UML
    Provides an overview of UML concepts and notation from the viewpoint of user-centered design.
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